Dear Amazing Sponsors,

You are formally invited to our 27th Annual New Life Golf Tournament on May 9th, 2022. We welcome you to join us once again on Monday at the Rossmoor Golf Course in Walnut Creek.

This event is so much more than golf. While we love a good competitive game, the reason we walk onto the course is to make a step against homelessness. In 2020, homelessness doubled.

The impact of the virus was unprecedented. In one way or another, we have all been affected by the pandemic, whether through illness, losing loved ones, or just the emotional toll of social distancing.

The stories our homeless neighbors told us broke our hearts. We meet families in desperate circumstances…. People who became unemployed… Some lost their homes. Thousands turned to us for food, shelter, and life-transforming counseling.  Even many who supported us so faithfully in the past struggled to make ends meet.

In 1965, when the Rescue Mission first opened its doors to help the homeless and impoverished people in our community, we provided 36 meals every day. Now, we serve 3,000 meals per day. Annually, that means 1.2 Million hungry bellies get feed.

With this challenging season in mind, join us at the Bay Area Rescue Mission’s New Life Golf Tournament on May 9th. This year your gift will fund a challenge match, so the Bay Area Rescue Mission will receive twice the financial resources to meet the needs of our neighbors. Your generosity helps us give food and shelter to those most in need.

Will you step onto the course with us?

Let’s ‘DRIVE’ away homelessness and ‘PUTT’ away hunger,
Signed Bram
Bram Begonia

P.S. Please contact Mimi Wells at or call (510) 215-4869 for answers to your questions.

09:30 AM Registration & Breakfast. Driving Range Open Rossmoor Event Center
10:30 AM Registration Closed Until 11AM. Rossmoor Event Center
10:30 AM Opening Remarks by CEO/Pres Bram Bergonia. Testimonies from BARM Program Participants. Rossmoor Event Center
11:45 AM Golfers to Carts and Starting Holes Event Center
12:00 PM Shot-gun Start Noon Pre-Assigned Holes
04:30 PM Golfers turn in Scorecards before leaving. NLGT Prizes to be announced on Tuesday 5/10. Pro Shop
11:00 AM Registration, Driving Range and Putting Green Open



09:00 AM

Start Time




Per Hole


Per Group

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